po 2 at the shuttleworth collection

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Oct 18, 2005
Bedfordshire, England
has anyone managed to get any pictures of this? if people are interested i will try to get some tomorrow but it is almost impossible to photograph.
all i know is that it flew in (i was there but sadly my camera whas elsewhere, that is a rare thing for me not to have my camera on me) and it looked pretty tatty. the engine sounded very sick. aparently they have started taking it apart for a basic overhaul and keep on finding more problems with it. the estimated flying date is 2007.
Oh man, get pictures if you can. Beg, molest, kill - just get pictures. And just kill ...even if they let you beforehand - the human population is too big as it is. Have a blast ... :laughing6: :thumbright:
i have done it. i walked around there from my college and blagged a free entry to the restoration hanger. i then managed to conince one of the mechanics to tke me to where it is kept. aparantly they wings are in essex being rebuild and they have the fuesalagae there but they are buildng a new rear end for it. i could not see the tail unit around. the engine looks in good nick. aparently it had been part restored before in america and then new zealand. they think it should be flying by 2007. well here goes here are the images:

and this is a wing of another glider they are building:
Yes, they can resize them on their own, but not within the postings. I prefer to be able to see the whole image without having to scroll all over to see the whole image. Plus, it's good netiquette to make them viewable without scrolling. That also makes the text easier to read without scrolling.
i am happy for people to save them off here for personal use. i have yet to work out how to change the sizes. i use photoshop and someone said you can adjust the size through the link in the text.
i am also happy to e-mail people pictures if they ask me.
i have sent you a message with links to them atached. am i the only person that is exited to know that this will fly soon.

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