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Thanks guys, I've been wanting to get into IMAC competitions for some time now and I finally have a plane to do it with.
I also spent two weeks throwing together this trainer for my youngest, he really wants to fly and the weather started to break so I had to get her done so to speak. hopefully it'll last more than one flight.


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First, my Handley-Page Harrow: Twin Speed 400's, covered with Doculam and painted with acrylic craft paint from WallyWorld. 27 oz. with a 2S3300 LiPo. Flies like a trainer, albeit a bit fast.

Second, my Fairey Flycatcher: Esskay Skatty brushless, covered with Doculam and painted with Testor's Aluminum. It weighs 17 oz. and has full-span flaperons on both top and bottom wings. So far, I've only one flight on it, and I've found it will practically hover with the flaps at full down.


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It's great to see scratch built models, it seems like the art is dissappearing alittle more each day. It's also great how electric motors have changed the way alot of modelers build. Things are getting smaller and smaller but still fly and look great.
I really like that twin, I'm gonna be starting on my b-25 mitchell hopefully in the near future. I have almost everything for it and the plans are for the most part done, I just need to finish up a few lingering aircraft and it'll be a go.
Here is a plane i scratch built from old plans, its called a Super kaos and i'm currently flying it. also i'm building a new one with some different modifications for handling and speed to practice pattern flying. I'm also building an L-19 Bird dog which is still under construction and i just recently purchased Plans from Jerry Bates Brand new drawrings for a P-51A,A-36 Apache.the little one you see in red yellow white is the great planes up-roar fun fly plane.i hand cut and iron on all those 2 inch squares ,my eyes were hurting!


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The L-19 is looking good. That'll be a sweet airplane when finished. We have a couple of guys in my local club that fly the kaos but they double up on the recommended power to see who can fly faster. The things you do when you can't afford a jet.
Grumman Cats i'm currently flying it with a tower .61 which is more than enough power.I'm one of the fastest prop planes at my feild ,also the plane is only 7lbs wet thanks to properly selected wood!My new one is going to have a O.S. .61 in it. but i was thinking on the Tower .75.I 've had excellent results with towers power house engine,close to 2hp.
I finally finished my edge 540 and got it up flying. The new project is the B-25 J gunship. I've started the tail but that is as far as I've gotten. My son want's me to build a P-51 so I'm drawing plans for a D model to house a 31cc ryobi weed wacker engine. This won't be anything special. Just a stand off scale model with fixed gear just to keep the little one interested. The things we do as parents hoping our children will follow in our footsteps.:confused:


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