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Jan 3, 2006
I love all the plastic kits guys but wheres the flying models. I'll start with a couple of mine. I scratch built the F8F Bearcat from my own plans and the Hawker Seafury is a Top FLite kit. I'm currently in the process of building a Top Flite Corsair and I'm almost ready to start my own designed B-25 Mitchell.


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The grumman runs on an os 61 fx and has robart mech retracts and also has flaps which really improve landings. I run all futaba gear in all my aircraft. The seafury has a worn out 91 FX in it which I got of ebay and got screwed:evil: and has robart air retracts with operating inner gear doors run by a jomar door sequencer. The plane glides extremely well hence I hate the engine but it has lift for days. I use the flaps on this one just to slow it down.

However, recently I made a trade with a guy for a 35% aeroworks edge 540T for the seafury. Time for me to get involved with IMAC. In the meantime I will be finishing my corsair and starting my B-25J with the eight gun hard nose. I'll have two 61 FX in that, I've already got the gear and struts and I'm using the gear sequencer in that so thats gonna be a long project but with thunder over michingan happening in a week with the theme mitchell madness it should get my motivation up for it. I'll have plenty of photo documentation in a couple of weeks.

Sorry I don't have any video of my aircraft. the kids aren't old enough to operate the camera yet.


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I also have a royal fw 190 A that I want to build so we'll see what actually gets built first. The corsair is close, I'm just trying to finish the trim tabs and boost tabs. Things get difficult the smaller the model. I'll post a pic when I get it done.
I can see a very brave young man in the pic.Your son? :)
Excellent GC.I have had somewhere an old B&W pic of my YAK-3 model only.The model was built many years ago when the 2,5 cm3 (auto)self-ignitioned engines were available mainly.:(
Ya, he really likes airplanes right now. I hope it lasts. He has a fasination with the mustang so I was gonna get him a house of balsa p-51. It has a 42 inch wing. It's more for him to carry around and say it's his then anything. If that keeps him interested till he's a little older I'm all for it.
I used to do alot of flying until Hurricane Katrina washed 90% of my gear out to sea.... Havent re-upped yet except for a trainer I recently got for free....

Heres some pics...


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Sorry to here about your misfortune with mother %$#@# nature. That color scheme on the high winger was interesting, how was that done and of course the corsair was cool.
This ones been posted before. This one was all handbuilt but now I have built my own CNC machine. I now spend more time on the computer than cutting. Too busy looking for a new job to cut planes at present. But attached is my next one going to be 1/4 scale and exact down to the rivet.


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This is my latest project, a 28% wild hare edge 540T. I'll be installing a zenoah G -62 up front that I had retrofitted with an electronic ignition.


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