Question for the LW experts

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Jun 4, 2005
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Did the LW have any large depot like bases to modify aircraft or repair aircraft systems (like radios, engines, etc)?

The USAAF had a couple depots in England, and smaller depots in Australia.

But what about the LW?
I believe they had similiar aircraft storage units and depots like the Allies, plus subcontractors in France and Holland doing some major repair work, at least in the West.

This is a topic that have many interesting bits of info laying scattered around everywhere, but I am not sure I've seen any good source compiling the whole issue and presenting it in a uniform manner...

Any good titles or sources on LW repair organisation and aircraft distribution, how it worked? Erich?
One ref I have shows 109's that were damaged or needed upgrades were ferried or trucked to Antwerp and taken to the Minerva Factory which used to make a car of Rolls Royce standards . Erla Maschinenwerk GmbH of liepzig was the contractor and the depot was called Erla VII and by early 41 employed 3000 people
My understanding is that they usually went back to the manufacturer for any major modifications.

I know towards the end of the War the major tank manufacturers, like Krupp, were "re-manufacturing" tank chassis that had been badly damaged; I've seen several pictures of remanufactured tanks on the assembly line next to new-build tanks.
My reference indicates differently the aircraft only 109's were trucked in disassembled all the components were refurbished, aligned or straigtened and reassembled. the aircraft would also have all the latest mods from the factory. The Frontreparturbetrieb turned out its first refurbished 109e1 on 16july 40 and the last 2 left as armoured troops overran the airfield on 4 Sept 44. On the same field was Erla VI which did the same work on the 110, 210, 410's

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