Quokes/Jotes... Continued! 2!

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
Here we go along...

Believe it or not, this is my tomcat Blackbrown... :animalcat:


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No Che! I'd like to wear this T-Shirt.


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Well it is popular that (mostly young) idiots like to wear t-shirts with this motherf****r and mass murder, just in case of "revolty"... Although they even don't know who he was. I very dislike these dumb people. We have the same here that a lot of people wear the palestinian scarves... :rolleyes:
LOL, is that before '91? I don't think so but I remember that as a kid I had a very similar book of English (also typewrited and with shuitty drawings)...
Pisis in TV Show

Now look. Here I finally downloaded a part of a funny TV show where I played a small role. The show was called Česká Soda (Czech Soda) and was a political satyra and a bunch of parodies. It was the most popular stuff here for some 10 years in a row, because it's really funny shit and 19 from those 20 minutes of its lenght you're ROFLing...

This one is parody on some insurance company ad that was frequent those days. The clip is from early 1999. ;)


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