RAF Leuchars Airshow 2005

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Globetrotting Surgeon General
I will be going to Leuchars Airshow on Saturday 10th September. The BBMF will be showing (in full - Lanc, Spit, Hurricane and Dakota) which should be cool. Website: http://www.airshow.co.uk/index.htm details more of what will be happening. Hopefully I should get some decent photos and videos that I will post.
Have fun! My dad used to be stationed at RAF Leuchars with 22 SAR Sqdn. in fact, I was born when he was stationed there.
OK I have been and come back.

It was an enjoyable display with good displays from the Eurofighter, Tornado's (GR3+GR4's), Harrier, Chinook, Red Arrows, Spitfire from the Historic Aircraft Company and an A-26 and P-51 (Old Crow) of the Scandavian Historic Flight.

Unfortunately the weather meant the BBMF did not do their flypast with was gutting because that for me was the main attraction but there is always another time.

I took loads of pics and videos which I will start posting tomorrow.
Some Photos of The Red Arrows from Leuchars.

The photos are large as I have not got round to resizing them.

I have videos but I have not converted them from avi yet. Any help on what programs to use would be greatly appreciated.


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Yes Evan the weather was sh*t (Typical Scottish weather), not great but the cloud base was high enough to see all the manuovers that the Red Arrows could do, just a shame it meant the BBMF didn't turn up, gutted :(.
Thanks CC.

Here are some videos (more to come). These are still in avi and are not of that great a quality as was just using the video function on my digital camera.

To start with here are some of the Spitfire. Enjoy!


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Super stuff GN I loved the Invader.
You asked about a program for video I just use this (Ulead VideoStudio 7 SE Basic) it's old but you can get it from PC world for a tenner and it works really well with various output formats including WMV if you want.

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