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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
As most of you know, I was on the Communications Support team for Operation El Dorado Canyon, the Libya Raid. The F-111 "Karma-52" was lost in the Gulf of Sifra during that raid. The remains of the pilot, Major Fernando Ribas-Dominicci were returned about 3 years later by the Libyan government, with the help of the vatican (Major Ribas was Catholic). Nothing was ever returned from Captain Lorence, his WSO. His name is one of the names that is on the flagpole for my POW-MIA flag that hangs on my house 365 days a year.

An old friend of Captain Lorence has been leading the charge that the US Government demand the return to the remains of Captain Lorence. The story is here:
ABC News: Fla. Librarian Presses Search for Friend

To sign the online petition to get his remains returned to be buried in Arlington Cemetary and give his family some closure:
Demand that Libya return Captain Paul Lorence's remains Petition

Lets at least bring one of them home.
I appreciate it guys! Some of you on my mailing list will be getting e-mail about this as well. It's the same message, so feel free to delete it, or forward it along to anyone else who would be willing to sign it.


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