Respect OpSec and CommSec in posts.

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
This is a good idea for a forum topic, but I want to remind everyone to be aware of the commsec and opsec. In other words, let not put anything in here that could be used by the bad guys.

I am sure most of you know this, just a gentle reminder.
Aye! That means you military lads! Mind your opsec and commsec! Nothing far outside what us uninformed civvies are allowed to know!

That being said, let's liven the place up a bit! A dead forum is a dull forum
I thought since we have so many current and past servicemen from around the world here, and 'shop' talk is popular with everyone, it'd be good to have a dedicated place for it, instead of languishing in Off-Topic.
There are plenty of things that can be said but OPSEC needs to be used. Cyber Terror is a very true thing and that is where most of the bad guys get there info.
I'll make a slight post: and maybe you are aware but my dealings with certain associates in high places keeps me from adding anything of my own past history here or elsewhere about military/ ? service

be careful as there are eyes watching everyone one of us here !
Yeah, I knew my "What do you do..." thread was going nowhere for a reason. :rolleyes:
I might as well just delete the damn thing. I'll leave it for another couple of weeks. What the hell?
When my clearances were deactivated I was warned that aside from prosecution, I would be subjected to a tax audit every year for the rest of my life if I divulged any classified information. As mom once said, "you better watch your "Ps" and "Qs." Boy I do!
well i can't see any harm in people saying "i'm in the RAF" or something like that, unless, that is, we're trying to deny the existence of the RAF or something liek that........
I can neither confirm nor deny that the base a mile from my house used to have Avro Vulcans stationed there, and had several bunkers full of nuclear warheads ready to be loaded on to those Vulcans.

Is it me or did I just give away a massive Cold War secret that was about as much as a secret as Churchill being fat was?

Just in case anyone gets scared about me actually giving away a secret, don't worry, it's an international airport now. Opened...on the 28th April...
the lancaster kicks ass said:
well i can't see any harm in people saying "i'm in the RAF" or something like that, unless, that is, we're trying to deny the existence of the RAF or something liek that........

Unless you are talking about the terrorist organization Red Army Faction!
There's still all kinds of things in Britain which are huge, totaly visable, but officialy do not exist.

For example near Bath there's a place called RAF Rudloe Manor in a place called Corsham. Complex of Nissen huts and Sixties office blocks surrounded by barbed wire fences. Here's the link to some information;

Along with the warnings I'd add another - do NOT go up to the gates and ask the guards on duty "Is this where the huge nuclear bunker is?"

They'll say that they don't know what on Earth you're talking about, and if you persist with it they'll get VERY gnarley with you VERY quickly!

However, as you can see, everyone knows about it, and plenty of numpties have tried the above. If you're in the area don't copy 'em! You could find yourself in BIG trouble, and you won't get any further forward than when you started.
The British are some times bloody hilarious at secrets at Kelvedon Hatch, Essex in the middle of a woods is a nuclear control bunker at the height of the cold war when the Cuban crisis loomed and the Kennedy and Khrushchev got as close as at any time to pressing the button
every one in my town knew that this so called secret command centre existed either that or there was was one hell of a load of service personnel going for long walks in the middle of a forest.(dirty little devils)
We do fail in some places with hiding such things. I don't think they ever wanted to hide the fact that RAF Finningley was a nuclear bomber base though.

I do know where there's a nuclear weapons storage site but I don't know whether it's still in use or not. It's quite remarkably well hidden, I only know about it now because they don't care about people knowing about it. It just looks like a field, with a few trees here and there. What gives it away though is a guardhouse with armed guards...

"Why are you guarding that field?"

"Because the Queen likes it..." :lol:
Yeah, if it's the one I'm thinking of, it's in either Berkshire or Wiltshire somewhere off the M4 - there's a sign with 'Work units only' by the turn off.
Heres another secret I saw a Duxford today a piece of Sadams secret super gun disguised as an oil pipe all I can say is it must have been a bleeding huge pump to need a pipe this thick (what the hell was MI5 doing not recognising that this was a bit suspect)


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