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Mar 24, 2004
I'm wondering if there might be any interest among members to participate in a YAHOO discussion group about the SBD Dauntless and it's variants?

I agree that you might be better off here. Most SBD action was in the Pacific and there are, in my experience, precious few who specialize in the Naval Aviation end of the Pacific War. To my all my friends here, that's not a slam on the somewhat Eurocentric bent of the conversations here, it is simply an observation that there is more interest in European operations than Pacific. I suspect were you to try to start up a Yahoo discussion group you would quickly find that there wouldn't be a whole lot of takers. If you look at some of the Yahoo groups you often find discussion groups with just two or three messages, one announcing the formation of the group and then a couple wondering where everybody went. Here you have an established group of aviation enthusiasts who are willing to discuss many topics, and even with the the greater interest in Europe, they have a, frankly as an almost exclusive Pacific War Naval Aviation interest type, myself, a refreshing and abundant knowledge on that theater that you really don't find in other forums.

You are right, Rich. There is more about the European theater here, but I have been learning more about the Pacific lately and find it a fascinating piece as well. I am always open to learning new things about the Pacific.
Thanks for your help and input guys. You're probably correct...there might be little interest in the SBD once the 'group' gets up and running.

john ernst
Hmm......should the group be a "PTO" discussion group......or "dive bomber' discussion group.....?

john ernst
Ditto on all counts, I love the SBD! I WOULD OF LOVED TO BEEN A GUNNER!


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Ditto on all counts, I love the SBD! I WOULD OF LOVED TO BEEN A GUNNER!

I'd love to think a SBD group could be viable. As suggested above, I'm not sure if SBD 'only' discussion can sustain a group for very long.

I'm thinking a 'Aircraft of the PTO" might have a better shot at making it.


john ernst
A carrier!!!, for a few months!!!. Try a number of carriers, in fact all we could spare from about July 1944 on including nearly all our Fleet Carriers. The RN formed a seperate task force under USN overall command but I cannot remember the Number we were given. I used to have a book on it but gave it up a number of years ago.

Maybe its not just us Europeans who can learn some new facts about the Pacific War
Apparently not.

British carriers of the PTO: (that I can recall)

Fleet carriers:
- HMS Illustrious
- HMS Victorious
- HMS Formidable
- HMS Idomitable
- HMS Implacable
- HMS Indefatigable

Light carriers:
- HMS Colossus
- HMS Vengeance
- HMS Venerable
- HMS Glory

And a whole mess of CVE's as well. The real action for the Royal Navy in the Pacific didn't start until late 1944, November I believe, but they arrived in force.
Sounds about right.
Being serious for a second I would welcome a thread on the the Pacific. It had so many firsts, I wouldn't know where to start and the scale of it just beggers the imagination, simply huge.
I was reffering to early 1943 when the USN was down to 1 carrier in the SW pacific, and needed help from the RN untill the new Essex class carriers could be deployed.

Of course we can also talk about the RN carrier groups at the later stage of the pacific war

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