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Dec 10, 2011
Howdy, after only really using/viewing them for the first time this week it occurred to me just how hidden away the "Aircraft Request's and "Aircraft Picture Requests" sub-forums? Are.
Would it make more sense to combine the two into one forum and make it more visible and accessible. After all they pretty much contain similar requests and basically generate the same sort of answer/response.

Cheers Chris
Basicly the Aircraft Request sub-section was set for aircraft data and info about planes. The Aircraft Picture Request is , like its name indicates , for pictures only. That's true that they can contain the same or just similar things. But it is because people who come here make a mess themself posting in wrong sub-sections. Please look at the Basic one. Although there is a short caption under that what it is for we can find there request for ID of old wheels, bent plates etc... keeping the chaos under control isn't easy but introducing changes to the data base is much worse believe me. But I wrote your idea down on my list of things I have to talk to Horse. THX for the suggestion. :)
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