September 11, 1944

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May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
One of the most fierce air battles that was flown over the Reich JG 4 commits to battel with the US heavies of the 100th bg and P-51's.

not sure if Pisis lives close by and Adler said he may go over and visit Pisis this November, My friend Jan and his team just had another museum reunion of US/German veterans on the anniversary of this great air battle

please visit:

go through the video selction of each room. A worthy stay for several days, Jan's team are still digging up a/c.

Some of my Bf 109 and SturmFw parts are from this area
Interesting stuff Erich, will deffinatly have to check it out. Also if you all like Museum stuff I am planning on going down to Munich for a weekend in a couple of weeks also and I will go to the Deutsches Museum there. They have quite an extensive inventory of WW2 aircraft, rockets, missles and weapons. Will take some pictures.
no not necesssarily on the 11th of the month, just you guys go visit it any time and give Jan Zdiarsky my regards...........

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do it and go through it slowly. The museum also covers a very climatic RAF night raid over Chemnitz and I am still trying to find info from the Germans point of view for the spring 1945 date. the collection here is one of the best in the world for a place so remote in Europe. amazing what these guys have been able to uncover and clean-up. Have been a freind of Jan's for years and I do need to make a call upon him as he has invited us repeatedly over the years. The SturmFw 190 Panzerplatten from a II.Sturm/JG 4 Fw was from this area that I own, besides 2cm M shells, armored glas and parts of one of the downed B-17's and 109's on the tragic mission.

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