Spitfire Mk.V Cockpit?

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Here ya go..


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Heres another....

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thank you. if you whant good close up photo chances go to an old warden dsiplay and take a flightline walk. you can get right up to the planes just
not touch them and the cockpits are almost always open for photos.

Everything in that cockpit is stock apart from the co2 indicator!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is also gives a good idea of wear rates as she was only repainted in the winter 2000/2001 and had her eliptical wing tips fitted againn.
Now does anyone need pictures of a t9 cockpit? Espesiay a T9 2 seater cockpit in irish air core markings with Alex Henshaws signiture on the rear door flap? And yes i have a picture of the signiture.
You asked you get:

And Now Alex Henshaws signiture on the rear door:

All taken at flying legends this year. Yes i payed my £20 and spent a good 30 mins on her and asking questions.

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