Strange Lettering

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cheddar cheese

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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
Post here pictures of planes with strange lettering. I feel sorry for the bastard who had to fly this P-40...


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Imagine if the pilot was some sort of feared ace, and when reported to German high Command:

"Did you see the lettering on ze side of ze aircraft?"

"Ja, GA-Y!"
GA-Y. AK772  Kittyhawk Mk I "London Pride" (printed just above the start of the "Y") bomb attached was flown by F/Sgt. H.G. Burney No. 112 "Shark" Sqdn. Desert Air Force Gambut, Libya lost near Bir Hakeim May 30th 1942-note the exhaust plugs to keep the sand out in first photo. The second photo was taken by Polish airmen who also flew "London Pride"


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That it is and proud to have it there and the memory of the true men that flew her. Had never seen the lettering brought to anyones attention until now with your first post. I wonder what brought the connection out from your mind.
Cheers Tundra
a 1sqn mossie had the roundel between the lettering so it looked like "mona" the "o" being the roundell, and he got the inspiration from me, a 3 view of that very same aircraft is in a book of mine...............

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