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Nov 9, 2004
Bristol, UK
Just a thread about Sun Tzu, and his famous book, 'The Art of War'

Have you read it?

What are your favourite quotes from it?
It is the definitive strategy guide, as far as I am concerned. It should be required reading for any military member, but especially for anyone in a leadership position. I can't pick a favorite quote though. They are all good sense to me.
I will read it but at the moment I have too many books to plough through
but I have too admit Im not a lover of business application strategies as I have had 5 in the last 3 years all telling me how this was the way forward
from Q12 too Zap but I have heard that his writtings are an excellent insight into warfare leadership.
It is more of a strategy guide. Sun Tzu wrote it back in 1000 or 1100 AD, if memory serves right. It's not about balance sheets or anything like that. It is the basics, using terrain to your advantage, element of surprise, espionage, the works. I highly recommend it. Alot of memorable military leaders use it and swear by it.
So I've heard Evan I shall defiantly make a point of reading it as I have found quite a few extracts on the web and it looks really good
considering how long a go it was written it seems to be centuries in advance of any military thinkers in his era.
I have it! It's an awesome book for me, since I'm more into tactical thinking than anything else.


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plan_D said:


Anyways, nice book, the gold on red looks nice.

I thought about buying it in Brasil, but I didn't want to worry about finding words that I know in English that I don't in Portuguese (though I am fluent, many complicated terms escape me...).
That's my farting gnome, I'm educating him in the ways of tactical thinking so he can do all the conquering while I sit back and enjoy a nice cool beer.
What's your prefered method? Dagger, Candlestick, Rope, or Lead Piping?
It's the farting gnome, he does all the work. And if you look carefull to the bottom right, it's the top of a beer can.
Exactly. A farting gnome, beer and a dictionary of science... :twisted:

My favourite quote from the 'Art of War' has to be;"Warfare is the greatest affair of state, the basis of life and death, the Way (Tao) to survival or extinction. It must be thoroughly pondered and analyzed"

It's my favourite because it is the whole reason the book exists! It also is a perfect explanation for any study of war and military tactics ever since then.

War is like school, it's hell but it teaches us all. :lol:

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