Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I PR Type B, KP Models 1/72, now Eduard 1/48!

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A bit more filling and sanding of the wings has been going on. And also, some additional structure detai:
I've sprayed some Tamiya rattle can paint as a primer to seal in the bits I've added:

Ventura Classic Warbirds #10 states on page 5, "all the panel gaps (were) filled with plaster, painted over, then polished." It seems logical that if you're going to the trouble of so treating the wings, then the fuselage should be equally treated, and looking at the photos I linked on the Mervyn Wheatley Facebook page, I would say that's true. Obviously, some panels need to remain detachable, such as those on the engine cowling and obviously the pilot's door, but filling the fuselage is, I think, born out in the photo of P9331 at Reims where there is a pale line where the wing root fairing meets the fuselage side - plaster of paris? As such, I've decided to fill the fuselage panel lines as well, excepting the ones scrawled over in red pen:
I suspect the model will look rather toy-like in the end, so I'm considering ways to "highlight" the smoothed-over panel joints.

As that's not much to report, here's a photo of Arthur taking up most of my bench:


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