Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I PR Type B, KP Models 1/72, now Eduard 1/48!

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Models and cats are usually not a good combination, at least from the model's standpoint.
True! Generally, our two are well-behaved, but I never leave models on the bench for them to dib or bat around! 😂

Yeah, but their whiskers make great whip antennae...
I always keep any whiskers I find, so if anyone wants one.....

Yeah, if you want more than one!
See above 😂

Great stuff! 😂
I've only managed to turn up white ones so far, the rarer black ones are what I need. I don't want to have to forcibly extract them if I can help it.
I can't help there, I'm afraid, both Daisy's and Arthur's whiskers are white. I suppose I could dip them in black paint and hang them to dry.....the loose whiskers, I mean, not the cats themselves.....
A trip to the LMS this morning garnered some PPP, and this afternoon I slapped some onto the fuselage panel lines. I also broke out a spare set of KP Spitfire "A" wings and puttied those as well, to see if I could do a better job second time around. You can see I've already drilled the camera ports in the wings and also the underside light:

Would Sidney Cotton and Maurice Longbottom approve, I wonder? Probably not.

Well now, I think this might have some mileage in it:
That's about five minutes' worth. The cotton bud was dampened at one end only, the damp end used to soften the PPP and the dry end used to rub off the excess, working at 45 degrees at all times so that I was never going "with" the panel lines. A little re-working will be needed, I'm sure, but that will wait until after assembly. I wonder if some slightly thinned PPP, so that its a sort of thick slurry, would work as well with a slop-on-wipe-off process (SLOWO!).

Thanks for looking in


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