1/48 Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

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Latest update. The approach I had taken to the Dark Earth/Dark Green camouflage did not give the demarcation that I wanted. By free handing with the brush set as fine as I could get it gave a border that was just too soft and did not look to scale. I really was not happy with it, so I re-did the whole thing...

60_Hurricane Mk.I Re-do Green.JPG
I went back to the tried and tested blu-tack worms having replaced the stuff I've had for a while. I spent quite a bit of time making sure the thickness of the blu-tack was consistent meaning the soft-ish edges were exactly at the "tightness" I wanted.
61_Hurricane Mk.I Re-do Dark Earth & Unmasked.JPG 62_Hurricane Mk.I Unmasked Top LHS.JPG
I finally removed all the masking last night and I am really happy with the result. The edges are just soft enough to look like a sprayed edge demarcation at full scale (at least I think so!). I've also removed the masking from the underside as seen below.
63_Hurricane Mk.I Unmasked Underside.JPG
I have been tinkering with other bits and pieces, but nothing substantial enough to photograph for the thread.

Thanks for everyone who has dropped by for a look or comment. The weather has really crapped out in the last couple of days meaning time working out in the garage will be limited for the next month or so. I'll update as I get more of the build done. Cheers!

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