Supermarine Spitfire

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Dec 23, 2003
Everyone Who has seen a spitfire up close or flying would probualy always remember the scream of the merlin engine and that it send a shiver down your spine :lol: . The spitfire was a prime aircraft of the R.A.F in the battle of Briton and for the remainder of the war. The spit could outpreform most of the German aircraft with speed,manuverabliity,and preformance. Reply on your opions about any varient of the spit


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ok, good point, and i suppose the spitfire was better looking than the spitfire (enjoy the moment, it's the last time i say somethink bad about the lancaster)
Hot Space said:
Don't worry, we all say something wrong. We with me it was "I do......" at my Wedding :lol:

Hot Space
That would be the embarresment of a lifetime :D
"Give me a squadron of Spitfires"

How many planes can brag an enemy ace asked his Commander for a squadron of them? Only the Spitfire my friends! I think if the Spit had been allowed to carry more external fuel like the Mustang I'd be able to convince more Americans they didn't have the best fighter of the war! :D

Oh man, this is going to get ugly now! -- Chris

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