Supermarine Spitfire

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You two are obviously Goons fans! and all I can say to this is <Stop this naughty-type bickering>

The Spitfire was a good fighter, not the best of the war by any means but a good one nonetheless. My own sympathies lie with the Hawker Hurricane personally but there we are thats what makes this life such an interesting and varied tapestry, eh?

hurricane was kind of a dog for looks i think,but preformed well
I read a book by <insert some British pilot from BoB that later was affiliated with the royal family somehow I think> that covered from WWI until the end of WWII and how the RAF and Luftwaffe grew, fought, in the case of the Luftwaffe died, then rebuilt in Russia, then fought some more...

Anyways, the book said the Hurricanes were a lot better than Spit against the bombers because they were more stable gun platforms, unlike the Spits whose wings would flex when they shot. Hurricanes were as important as Spits (if not moreso) in the BoB because they were normally the ones killing bombers and occasionally fighting 109s whereas the Spitfires generally just fought the 109s (but to the credit of Spits, they kept them (or some) busy while the Hurricanes could get their work done).
btw, C.C. had this whole day off just to spam here by the looks of it, i hope you're gratefull, i sure4 aint, i was gonna thrash him at top trumps, ww2 ones of course................

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