Supermarine Spitfire

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ill hve you know i was out all day in plymouth, i wasnt here at all 8) andi so whooped your arse today, 3-1 to me 8)
the hawkers better than the spit??,i think not


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In the BoB they were more important, not necessarily better. Although from the little I've read the Hurricanes were the superior gun platform, and due to this superior to the Spitfire when attacking bombers, but the Spits were better against 109s.
the spit was a fighter and the hurricane was an intercptor,they had thier own roles
Well , between them , they settled the BoB hash - The Hurricane's thicker wing chord wide-track U/C made it more hardy and took more weight of armament , the Spit was more manoevrable, faster, but the range factor held them back...that's where the Mustang came in . Also the thick wing of the Hurri had been used again with the Typhoon, again weight of ordenance and wide-track U/C . The Spit was delicate by comparison...
i think the tempest was a good plane - the speed of a spit (nearly) 1,530 miles range and i presume it had the thick wing construction your on about 8) 2000lb payload too, not such a shabby plane 8)
32 Squadrons of Hurricane and 11 Squadrons of Spitfire in the BoB. The Spitfire was a better fighter, and it was just as good at interception of bombers as the Hurricane. The reason Spitfires were told to go after the fighters was because they were better than the Hurricanes in the job.
In the BoB the Spitfire is over-rated but overall it was the best Britain had as a fighter. And it was brilliant, definately the best dog-figther of the war. The Hurricane was more important in the BoB and they shot down more, also, they still went on to be ground attack aircraft which they did well.

The Spitfire was fluent, delicate graceful and deadly. The Hurricane was the 'working mans hero', strong, powerful and just mean. It was the meat on the bone.. :lol:
Cheddar- the Typhoon had the thick Hurri airfoil, the Tempest used a wing much like the Spitfire, so it worked at much higher altitude.

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