TA 152

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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
The TA 152 at NASM going through the paces to get her back looking good............

Walter Loos's mount Grüne 4 of Geschwader Stab./JG 301

you can see the old RLM 76 base with some of the Grey-green mottling. Two coats of heavy paint esepcailly the US crap that was done over the original Luftwaffe finish. It will take time but will be worth it.

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a better shot of the swastika differences. also the demarcation of the red/yellow rumpf Reich defence bands and what is this !! :shock: a possible Blue horizontal band over the two colored defence band ?

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my personal thoughts is that the a/c will be in Jerry Crandall's book on the unit JG 301. Jerry has been instrumental in getting this thing going. He and another NASM chap have covered every inch of Loos's machine with associated specs and pics/drawings which be included in the JG 301 book and also a few pics from my own archiv..... yee haw
Liebe Freunde Historischer Flugzeugtechnik,

nach etlicher Vorbereitungszeit freuen wir uns, unsere neue Website zur TA 152 vorstellen zu können: Focke Wulf TA 152 | Kurt Tanks Meisterwerk

Wir möchten auf dieser Seite unsere Projekte vorstellen und nach und nach reichhaltige Informationen zur TA 152 zusammentragen.

Über einen Besuch würden wir uns sehr freuen.

Viele Grüße

Frank Baumgärtner
Cool, I wonder if the strip down and renovation might be fed into Flugwerks for a possible replica since it's naturally share most/some of the 190's structure;

Wings are certainly different. but would that be be via new 'profiles' and totally new internals, or a mix of larger spacings between ribs and/or with extended or partial overlapping some componants to extend them (like the vaulting of the Khafre's Grand Gallery) with the addition of some new parts where needed?
The following shots show the Ta 152 H-1 / R11, W. No. 150167, captured by American troops in Erfurt-Nord. It was to serve as an industrial production template for the Focke-Wulf factory in Bremen. At the beginning of 1945, produced in Cottbus, it was supplemented with auxiliary instruments, which included the following components: n the end, it can only be said that the Ta 152 with the factory. No. 150 167 was captured by the Americans in an airworthy state on 15 April 1945 in Erfurt-Nord. The 150 167 was thus likely to be planned for the planned conversion to the H-10. 1 However, this machine has been identified as H-1 / R11 in the Americans
In March 1945, the following construction work on the Ta 152 H on the drawing board was planned:
  • Equipment of the hunting aircraft with Revi EZ 42 , series planned: March 45
  • Equipment of the Ta 152 (H) with device X 4
  • Installation of the so-called Mansfeld spring strut for the main landing gear
  • Improved performance by the installation of a cell-proof casing for the engine
  • Increased armor for the so-called 0 ° bombardment
  • Use of the Silica hood (pressure cabin)
  • Installation of the wing containers in the series since January 1945
  • Installation of the Jumo 222 for the Ta 152 (H), series from May 1945
  • Installation of the print cabin for the Ta 152 H-10, series from May 1945
  • Use of a timber guide for the Ta 152
  • Installation of a DB 603 L for Ta 152 H
  • MW 50 special fuel plant in the areas of Ta 152 H-1 / R21, series May 1945
  • Pipe block 108 Installation in the wing
  • SG 500 Installation in the wing
  • Ta 152 C and H with steel blades
  • Foul weather gear
  • LGW K23 Course control
  • FuG 125 "Hermine"
  • Heated washers
  • Siemens PKS Autopilot

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