Tamiya 1/32scale Dehavilland Mosquito

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You've provided something special to our forum. Thanks for that! Just sorry to see the build end.
Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated


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Great pictures
Are there two Mosies? Or one with different paint schemes? I noticed that one version has invasion stripes, the other doesn't. I've been lucky to have been able to go to the former RAF museum at Hendon. I'd really love to get back there to see the new site at Duxford. IMHO the Imperial War Museum does one of the best work in educating people about WW2 plus… in addition to the RAF section, the War Rooms, the HMS Belfast, and the interactive displays are immersive. Not sure if they still have these installed, the Raid on Amien and the Blitz enabled you to get the sense that you were there.

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