Tamyia 1/48 - Mitsubishi A6M3 Reisen Model-22 "Zeke / Zero”

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The Kohler

Feb 2, 2016
Fort Worth, TX
Here is my recently completed Zero. This model is more or less build out of the box, I used the Tamiya Kit No. 61108. In addition, I added seat belts and pitot tube from Tamyia and brass machine gun barrels from Master. The Hinomarus and the yellow identification strips are airbrushed.

This Zeke belonged to the 251st Kōkūtai 2nd Car Div, stationed in Rabaul during spring 1943. The green camouflage color was field applied in Rabaul, hence the not so perfect finish.

A6M3 Zeke RO003.jpg
A6M3 Zeke RO005.jpg
A6M3 Zeke RO006.jpg
A6M3 Zeke RO008.jpg
A6M3 Zeke RO002.jpg
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