the 10 most dangerous toys of all time.

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A wood burning kit. I needed mine just last week and thought about the one I had as a kid. :lol:
lawn darts were cool, how about just plain darts, well there goes my littl bro walking in front of the round dart board, when........... oh no Mikey ! :shock:

how about 6 Finger and Johnny OMa the one man army gun ? geez how much stuff I grew up with, enjoyed and then grew out of or just plain destroyed, and now in our age it would be a criminal act to own ......... screw em
Or the homemade rubber band guns made with sliced up tire inner-tubes.

Or "wrist rockets" (slingshots) made with surgical tubing and marbles for ammo.
I don't think I want to know ............... yes I do

we still use wrist rockets for hunting purposes, and not just animals. Different ammo loads not marbles
You make a polish cannon like this:

Get three soda cans. Two of them you cut off the tops and bottoms so you have a pair of cylinders. The third one, you poke a small hole on the side, about 1/4" above the bottom of the can.

Get duct tape and connect all three cans together, with the can that has the small hole as being the "bottom".

Get a tennis ball and stuff it down the top. You may need a little oil to lube the insides of the can.

Put a little lighter fluid into the bottom can through the small hole, and shake it up a little.

Aim the cannon assembly like a mortar. High angle, low angle.... don't matter.

Put a match to the hole and watch the tennis ball go shooting out.

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