The Best Fw-190 Variant...?

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D-9 for dogfighting, A-8/R-8 for bomber destroying.
FW-190 G-3, best german Figther-bomber.

2 x 300l droptanks

1 x AB 500 small arms dispenser.

2x Mauser Mg-151/20 with 200 rounds

Range circa 1200 km

What more do you need...?

All around the Fw-190D-9! She was the prettiest of the 190's and had great performance.

Type: Fighter Fighter/Bomber
Origin: Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau Gmbh.
Models: D series
First Flight: Late 1942
Final Delivery: N/A

Model: Junkers Jumo 213A-1
Type: Water-Cooled Inverted V12 Number: One
Horsepower: 1,776 hp (2,240 hp Emergency Boost)

Wing span: 34 ft. 5½ in. (10.50m)
Wing Surface Area: 196.99 Sq. Ft. (18.30m²)
Length: 33 ft. 5¼ in. (10.2m)
Height: 11 ft. 0¼ in. (3.35m)

Empty: 3,500 kg (7,720 lbs.)
Loaded: 4,840 kg (10,670 lbs.)
Maximum Speed: 440mph (704km/h)
Cruise Speed: N/A
Range: 560 miles (900km)
Initial Climb: 3,300 ft. (1000m) Per Minute
Endurance: N/A
Service Ceiling: 32,810 ft. (10,000m)

Two 13mm MG 131 above engine
Two 20mm MG 151/20 in wing roots

Bomb Load:
One 1,100 lb. (500 kg) bomb on centerline.

The Dora 9 went into production in the Autumn of 1944. The mating of a bomber engine to a fighter airframe resulted in an extremely fast aircraft. Later the D-models were redesignated the Ta 152.


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Actually I was here for it but you are not in your right mind the A was not as sleek looking and was more menacing looking, however the Dora was just beautfiful you are out of your mind! It also had better performance.
performance wise yes the D was better but in no way was the D better looking than the A...............
No one can be wrong about 'looks', as "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" ;)
geez not again guys !!! :rolleyes:

the A-8 version was the heavy hitter against bombers, the Dora was used in interceptor work with P-51's and a stop gap till the Ta 152 could fill the ranks which never happened we know

Soren said:
No one can be wrong about 'looks', as "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" ;)

Of course people can be wrong about looks :lol: The poll clearly showed that peeople prefer the D's sleek, beautiful styling to the A's Short, stubby styling ;) (Actually no, thats cruel to the A, it did look very good, just not as good as the D)

Anyway, lets get back off the subject of looks and on to the subject in hand :D
Dont take me wrong, I think the A looked great but the Dora was just beautiful. And yes the Dora was a better aircraft too. As Erich said they were used for 2 different roles also, but the Dora was the better all around aircraft and yes Lanc looked better!
Aaahh !! the A-9, that is one good looking plane !! Still like the Dora 9 better though !


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