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lesofprimus said:
2 G's???


I pulled 7 G's on my way to the market this morning.....
Well old boy, i was puffing on a cigar and flipping through a playboy magazine at the time. ;)
GermansRGeniuses despairingly said
I'll tell you...
But great enough so that i can live in a democracy! Speaking of which, you've been out voted 4 to 1 :rolleyes: Put that in your pipe and smoke it. :lol:
:p I agree with Archangel. *holds up her picture of it* Woo~!

It's funny; My favourite pilot is the one who killed the most Spitfires. :lol:

Go you, Pips. :lol:

*shifty eyes* .. My favourite ace. MINE. :oops:

I found someone else who says Pips is their favourite ace. :shock: .. I have to say though, I don't like them much, and I haven't the slightest idea why. D:
I dont see the fascination with the Spits looks, I think theyre boring. I wouldnt even in my top 100 list for best looking manmade creations of all time 8) Give me the looks of the Fw-190 or Triumph TR6 anyday.

The best looking man made creation is the Humber bridge. By a long way.

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