The Horten Ho-IX

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So....not speaking german, their were three finished prototypes? One is with the Smithsonian, one in California, and the other is where? Are they all in similar shape? And why did the Horton sit outside for 3 years?
Minor correction, Henk:
The Horten Ho IX had three prototyps:
V-1: a (smaller) glider was built for design research purposes. It survived the war dismanteled in Leipzig, only to be destroyed by or after the US occupation.
V-2: was at first a glider, but was soon fitted with a pair of Jumo 004s. it was destroyed during evaluation.
V-3: was a design modified V-2. It served (uncompleted) as a templete for the preproduction Gotha Go 229 A at the Gothaer Waggonfabrik. This uncompleted V-3 was completed by the US troops and brought back to the US. This said to be the one currentely stored in Silver Hill.
In Gotha were also atleast 6 further Go 229 in far less states of completeion. Some are said to be prototypes for further variants.

The other existing Hortens are an undisclosed number gliders of the types II, III (one is in Chino, CA) and (one solely) IV. The IV survived the sixties/ seventies only as a pair of wings, without it's center section, after being flown succesfully in the US by a private owner. The IV-wings were given to Airmuseum München Schleißheim as a compensation for the restoration of the Ho II and III. The IV was completed and is now at display in Schleißheim.

Here are two links, that might be of interesst to you:
ho_ix Horten Ho IX et le Gotha 229/I. Origine
I did state in the link above there were three prototypes, but only two flew and the V3 were never completed it was brought to the US still in the state it was found in the factory, except for the wings they found in a other location. She was never completed.

Check out my link I gave above there are also fotos of the other uncompleted prototypes.

Thank you for the link mate but I can not read it and the english option does not work.
Great pics though, but I would love to read what they have to say there. Great idea though for the pics mate.

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