The Jagdflieger's Gaia Crap! (Now with 20% Luftwaffe!)

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The Jagdflieger Pips

Airman 1st Class
Aug 1, 2004
New Jersey
I'll just post some pictures of the avatars I have on that site, and possibly some random crap from my signature there. :lol:
One picture to start off with. :lol: Luftwaffe pilot with a cat on the hat. 8)


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sorry can i just point out, the picture of the "spitfire" you posted, it's a hurricane...........
Hey, I'm better at German planes anyway. :lol: And I just steal stuff from screencaps anyway, I don't know any better.

I think if I can tell a Messerschmitt from a Heinkel, I'll be okay. :oops: (For now. )
You'd be a great German ace.

"Ja, Ich shot two Spitfeurs today"

"Nein, nein. Those wer Lancasters, you tit!"

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