How's life with [Iran's] National intranet???

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Aug 27, 2017
Tehran, Iran
Here are the apps and sites that are blocked by Regime, these can't even bypassed by VPN, even if you can connect to the servers...


From top:

YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, GTalk, WordPress, Blogger, WeChat, Viber, Telegram, Signal, Medium, Wayz, Clubhouse, Clash of Clans, Instagram, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Skype, XBox Live,

Not in list, but include:

Dota2, GTA V RP, League of Legends, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Guild Wars 2, Fallen London, Khanwars, Imperia Online, World of Warcraft Online, RuneScape, Gladius, TeamSpeak, Garena, Google Play, app store, Discord, Reddit, Doulingo, Nexus, ModDB, IMDB, and many more apps, sites and games ...

What do we get instead?

Tons of spyware apps, like Snapp, Rubika, Telewibion, SHAD, and ...
Thanks everyone.

Marcel Marcel , I'm not an expert in this field, whatever I say, is from personal experience and info I gathered from here and there...

They cut off the internet for Mobile devices, and slow down it for PC / Laptop modems, from 4 pm to midnight, local time [GMT +3:30].

Only site I regularly visit, that is active during that time, is the Aparat [Iranian version of YouTube, but much more limited], the site works fine, and the few streamers would stream by awful internet speed...

But any other site or app, is not working.

I didn't try DNS for mobile, but it worked, not very well, for Laptop.

The VPN can't bypass most of filters and blockades, because of this law:

In one word, they try to make internet, national and cut it off from the rest of the world, something like internet in China and North Korea.
I'm guessing your whole country is behind the same proxy...
Yes, it was activated in some areas, earlier!

Messing around, a little bit, turned out that only 2 types of main keywords are restricted by this thing ...

1- +18 keywords and sites

2- majority of sites and keywords related to MKO / MEK.

Non of them, are important, right now.
In the US it would fall under the general category of:

"Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law"

Depending on the circumstances and jurisdiction (ie local, state, or federal) there could be additional laws applied. Minnesota, for example, has a variant of the above for lesser offenses that is applicable throughout the state (regardless of jurisdiction) considered (unofficially) as Abuse of Power and is a Class B felony (in most cases). This can range from a Police officer issuing tickets for personal reasons (ie harassment or revenge) to a politician knowingly spending money on projects he is not allowed to by law. The actual laws that are applied are much more specific as to the nature of the crime.
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Actually not Iran's Regime, but people!

As we say in Persian:

کونی که خارش می کنه، خودش سفارش می کنه!

Important note: before trying to translate it, know that it contains "swear" words.

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