The last Reno Air Races ends in tragedy.

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Generalfeldmarschall zur Luftschiff Abteilung
This is really sad news. :(

Didn't watch the collision happen, but it was very sad. I was out at Pylon Two with a bunch of other photographers and the T-6 heat had ended so we had put our cameras down by that stage as they began their approach into land. Next minute one of the guys gets a text saying an aircraft had gone down. We then saw a line of emergency service vehicles heading toward where the aircraft both came down and over the next half hour or so we were drip-fed information, eventually being told two aircraft came down and there were two fatalities. The pilots lost were Chris Rushing flying Race 14 "Baron's Revenge" and Nick Macy flying Race 6 "Six Cat", both of whom were veterans of the races.

Six Cat

Baron's Revenge
The mishap in progress. Those guys should have seen each other.

Not sure that's very helpful. One pilot following procedure it seems; the other possibly not quite so precise. No doubt both fully engaged in getting back on terra firma. When you have a big, round engine up front, your view isn't quite so clear.
When you have a big, round engine up front, your view isn't quite so clear.
Which means you need to be even more careful, even in airplanes that are designed to have a good view from the cockpit. These guys both announced their landings but did not respond to each other's announcement by asking them where they were.
I recall I was inbound to Torrance, CA from Long Beach Harbor and was told by the tower to report over the Thomas Bridge. I was about to announce I was over the bridge when I heard announcement that another airplane was over the bridge. I immediately looked around and saw a red and yellow T-6 off my right side, announced I was over the bridge and had the T-6 in sight. If I had not seen the T-6 right away I would have asked him where he was, since I was over the bridge, too.
You just gotta keep your head and eyes moving.
The worst is a low wing landing over a high wing.
Very unfortunate. RIP fellow pilots.

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