The T-28 Trojan

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
I came across an interesting link while doing a writeup on the T-28. This gives the basic history of the T-28, and continues into what to look for when buying one, cost of ownership and the normal annual information. Pretty cool stuff.

North American T-28 Trojan

So Joe, when I get rich and can get one of these bad-boys, you want to help? ;)

Here are some pictures of one in private ownership. These are nice warbirds.


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Perfect 'fighter' for older pilots - great visibility on the ground, no rudder
pedal dancing on flare and touchdown, and feels every bit the WW2 fighter
in the air. Except the A model, which was a bit underpowered and always
sounded to me like a John Deere tractor in need of a major tune up! That
T-28C in VT-3 markings takes me back 3 decades!!!
Yeah, the A model was underpowered, but believe it or not, it was supposed to be that way. They wanted the aircraft to simulate the long spool-up times of the early jets. But you are right, the R-1820 sounds much meaner.

Here are a couple more shots with VT-3 markings, for nostalgia sake.


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Thanks, Ev - I didn't know that about the A model. My God - to be in
California and have a T-28 to play with on sunny weekends...A dream!
If I retire in 4 years and come back to Fresno, or even Santa Cruz, count
me in as a partner on a T-28!!!

26 years ago I lost a good friend, Jack Ludwig, when Hughes Helicopters lost
AH-64 AV05 in a mid-air with their T-28 photo plane. That was a very dark day indeed. Still, the 28 is a great photo plane...
Sorry to hear about Jack. You could look into Camarillo to retire as well. They have a nice retirement community there too and you are about 5 minutes from the airport there. There are about a dozen or so T-28s there and the museum is there as well. One of our member owns a T-28 too, the gray one above. To give you an idea of the 28s at Camarillo...


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Hey, I have a great retire in Camarillo, we get a T-28, you fly and I will take the pictures. I have been looking to partner up with a pilot for some air to air and general aerial photography. Getting a plane will probably require a bit of convincing with the missus for me though!
Done! I like Camarillo - used to spend a little time at Pt. Mugu on some
weapons testing, dropping crap from an F-4. We really miss California, and
the discriminator will be cost to move in. It is possible that, if we moved
to eastern Tennessee, the difference in house prices alone would buy
an airplane outright!!! But I do love California...Don't get me started!!!
Haha! All this hubbub about VT-3 is entertaining. Just replaced my VT-3 patch with the local command down here a couple days ago. Eagles, how's the sons flying coming along?

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