(THE VID WAS REMOVED not the post sorry)

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Video Extraordinaire
Apr 2, 2005

in this post it was a vid where someone jump over the windows.
maybe 2 ou 3 floor.

i have removed the file.. excuse to not remove the post.

bye sun
I'm quite amazed that such a pointless thread has caused so much conversation. It was quite amusing though.
I was gonna delete this thread.... But now I wont......

HERES a video clip for Sunny's "Idiot thing we do" thread......

The following clip is a man getting beaten to death by a bull in Pamplona..... Theres some slight blood, but VERY Brutal......

******Dont watch if this bothers u**********


  • pamplona_death_187.mpeg
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Erhg !

I think this if from the festival in Spain where they let bulls go freely in the streets, eh ?

Even if that's a festival, that's not very bright. Man ! They are wild animals. Don't leave them in the streets with a bunch of morons running in front of them.

It's like if I entered the lions' cage, locked the door and started running around with a steak in my pockets. :crazy:

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