The Weather Where You Live?

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well we are expected a few more micro-burst of rain but it is 45F at my place, cloudy with a north wind ........... what happened to summer compared to 95 on sunday/monday earlier in the week
Almost all the day was really nice,sunny ,temperature about 27 Celsius degrees.Now,a thunderstorm is rolling around and raining.
Same here Mossie buckets of rain and thunder heavy storm warning in our area hope it clears before tomorrow midnight of I'll be walking into a pile of work.
Now the rain has just started hammering down cant use the conservatory as its too noisy.
Up north they got 30cm of hail, the people were shoveling it like it was snow!

We only got a bit of hail but it was a tremendous storm with lots of rain. All the fields and rodes are flooding down the street from where I live.

Right now it is about 21 C and partly cloudy, looks like more rain is coming in.
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