The Westand Lysander was said to have been used for clandestine flights over the Continent. Was any attempt made to reduce engine noise?

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Sep 28, 2009
Lysanders were used to land and pick up agents in France as was the Hudson. It does not appear that they were made any quieter than standard aircraft of the type. They tried to get in and out of the strip as quickly as possible generally keeping the engine/engines running.
Some of the books on the subject include:
'RAF and the SOE, Special Duty Operations in Europe During WW2' An Official History, Frontline Books 2016.
'We Landed by Moonlight' by Hugh Verity, this has been published in a number of editions since 1978.
'Secret Warfare, The Arms and Techniques of the Resistance' by Pierre Lorain, adapted by David Kahn (this includes some nice drawings of the aircraft and techniques used).
There are many other books that include the air operations for Special Duty Operations.


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