UFOs : REAL or BS?

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Mar 31, 2006
Retired Gen.Barry Goldwater was cussed out by General Curtiss
LeMay for asking to see into certain rooms at Wright-Patterson
AF base. Air Force fighter pilot and NASA Astronaut Gordon
Cooper said he saw a silver disc-like UFO land and take off as
he and several others watched and photographed it during a time
when Cooper was working on a landing strip in Nevada. Former
Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan said they saw UFOs.

With many sightings and promises to tell all from Presidents as
they seeked the White House and after many years of stalling
from the AAF and Congress will we ever learn what the UFOs are?

Many sightings are probably natural lights in the night sky and
some are probably secret "Black" projects (Auroura Hypersonic
aircraft?). Some are stories made up by people who wish to sell
their latest book or DVD and many are visitors from another
world? What do you think? Ever seen a UFO? Will we ever know
the real truth? is the Truth out there? If the UFOs and the
Black Triangles reported to be silent and very fast (No sonic
booms?) and if they can out run our best/fasest airplanes and
the AF has tried to shoot them down in the past and failed.....
perhaps our Government will never reveal the truth. What do
you think? Real flying machines up there or is it mostly BS?:rolleyes:
I have witnessed what I believe to be an Unidentified Fying Object, while on deployment in and around the Greek Islands during the middle of the night...

It wasnt a helo or aircraft, and moved faster, back and forth, than I could follow with my video camera....

I went down to CIC and verified that there was no radar contact, which there was not, but yet the object was continuing to move in vertical and lateral movements that I would say were impossible for a human being to withstand...

And yes, I still have the tape....

We are not the only intelligent species in the galaxy, let alone the universe....
lesofprimus said:
I have witnessed what I believe to be an Unidentified Fying Object, while on deployment in and around the Greek Islands during the middle of the night...

It wasnt a helo or aircraft, and moved faster, back and forth, than I could follow with my video camera....

I went down to CIC and verified that there was no radar contact, which there was not, but yet the object was continuing to move in vertical and lateral movements that I would say were impossible for a human being to withstand...

And yes, I still have the tape....

We are not the only intelligent species in the galaxy, let alone the universe....
Welcome back bro - hope everything went well....
Thanks for all the replies. I have never seen a UFO but have
heard of many signting by reliable persons. One good one was
several hunters who saw a huge (200ft. long)black triangle over
their hunting camp one night. Silent and floating above them,
they could see "Inspection covers,rounded corners",ect. It
began to move when a flashlight was turned on it,servo motor
sound heard and lights came on underneath it. Drifted off
slowly. They called Air Force base and 2 jets flew over area
a few hours later as they gave AF Geo coordinates via phone.
lesofprimus said:
Thanks Joe.... Actually, things got pretty bad, but we're all home and safe now.....
Glad you're OK....

I saw a UFO in high school - it hovered over my HS football field for about 20 minutes and then took off. About 20 of us seen it including a teacher. We made the usual calls to the FAA, local military bases, etc., no one had anything to say...
To assume we are the only intelligent creatures in the universe is very arrogant to say the least. There is others out there. UFO's yes I believe it is possable. I never have seen anything myself but I believe they are out there some place.
Logic dictates that the sheer number of occurances of various types of encounters over the vast amount of passing time means there is something strange going on. Without pondering exactly what they are we should recognize that something is going on that manifests itself in the visual spectrum as a UFO. Even if there is nothing to it as alien in nature the phenomena of whatever is being seen should be studied.
dammit why does everyone sees ufos but me, on the other hand if they are the probing kind I dont want to see them...
I think the numbers are alittle far from "Everyone".... I believe its more like .2% of the worlds population as seen something unexplainable in the sky....

My father, many years ago, thought he was watching a UFO in the night sky, for several minutes... It turned out to be a Blimp with running lights....
Well for those of us in the TPBM thread, here is the UFO thread. I too find this topic very curious. For those of you skeptical that intelligent life cannot exist elsewhere you might want to take a look at the URL below. Earth truly is a grain of dust in the cosmic cereal bowl.

HubbleSite - Wallpaper

Here is a sample. Those smears of lights are literally billions of solar systems.

Here is my story. As a 10 year old kid, I happened to look up in the early evening sky and see a disc coming towards me. Right towards me at about 1000ft up or so, a couple miles distant...or so it appeared. The disc was lit up along the edges and was spinning left-to-right. My first reaction was excitement. My next reaction was fear. Don't ask me why. I was scared $@#!less. No sound.

While it seemed like minutes, it was likely much less time that I began to hear a droning sound like a propeller airplane. I was shortly after that when I realized I was watching a single engine bi-plane approaching me head-on. What I had misinterpreted as a spinning disc, was actually a lighted billboard with scrolling text running from wingtip-to-wingtip. While I was disappointed, I have never forgotten how bloody scared I was.


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loomaluftwaffe said:
A UFO doesn't necessarily mean an alien right? just something u can't identify that flies

I'm with looma, plenty of things whizzing around out there that are unknown but that doesn't give them any intelligence. Just unexplained.
I recall that recently a former Canadian Prime Minister or Defense Minister made a big outing about the UFOs..
Yes, a quick gooogle and here it is.. (source site is at bottom)

On September 25, 2005, Hon Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Minister for National Defense gave a speech in Toronto at an event titled: "Exopolitics Toronto: A Symposium on UFO Disclosure and Planetary Direction" (Exopolitics Toronto - UFO Disclosure and Planetary Directions) . Hellyer described his time as Minister for Defense from 1963-1967 where the occasional UFO sighting report crossed his desk. He claims to never have had time for what he considered to be a "flight of fancy", but nevertheless retained an interest in the UFO phenomenon. While Minister for Defense, he was guest of honor at the opening of the world's first UFO landing pad at Alberta, Canada in 1967. He thought it an innovative idea from a progressive Canadian community willing to pay for his helicopter ride, but did not give much thought to UFOs as having serious policy implications. He also describes a private UFO sighting he later had with family and guests, but once again attributed it to a 'flight of fancy' rather than anything having serious policy implications.

Hellyer's position on UFOs dramatically changed after watching the late Peter Jennings documentary special, "Seeing is Believing" in February 2005. Hellyer decided to read a book that had been idly sitting on his book shelf for two years. Philip Corso's, The Day After Roswell, sparked intense interest for Hellyer in terms of its policy implications. Corso named real people, institutions and events in his book that could be checked. Intrigued by the policy implications, Hellyer decided to confirm whether Corso's book was real or a "work of fiction". He contacted a retired United States Air Force General and spoke to him directly to verify Corso's claims. The unnamed General simply said: "every word is true and more". Hellyer then proceeded to discuss the "and more …" with the general and claimed he was told remarkable things concerning UFOs and the extraterrestrial hypothesis that interplanetary visitors have been here since at least 1947. Finally convinced that the UFO phenomenon was real Hellyer decided to come forward and speak at Exopolitics Toronto about some of the "most profoundly important policy questions that must be addressed." (for speech go to: Directory Listing of /video/ ). The policy questions Hellyer addressed in his talk are both profound and vitally important for citizens of every nation of Earth.

First, Hellyer claimed that evidence concerning UFOs is the "greatest and most successful cover up in the history of the world". He confirmed that senior political officials even at the rank of Minister of Defense, a position he himself occupied, are simply out of the loop when it comes to information concerning UFOs and visiting extraterrestrials. From a democratic perspective, that raises many concerns about oversight, transparency and accountability of those in control of the information, technology and projects concerning the extraterrestrial visitors.

A second profound policy question concerns the designation by the U.S. military of visiting extraterrestrials as an 'enemy'. According to Hellyer, this had led to the development of "laser and particle guns to the point that they can be used against the visitors from space." It is this targeting of visiting extraterrestrials that concerns Hellyer, and he asks "is it wise to spend so much time and money to build weapon systems to rid the skies of alien visitors?" Hellyer poignantly raises the key policy question: "Are they really enemies or merely legitimate explorers from afar?" Hellyer's question raises profound importance in understanding the relationship between visiting extraterrestrial civilizations and world peace.

The third policy question arose from the recent decision by President Bush to build a base on the moon. Hellyer believes this is the activation of a plan first launched by Col Corso's mentor, Lt General Arthur Trudeau to build a base from which visiting extraterrestrials could be monitored and possibly targeted as they approach the Earth. Hellyer outlined his opposition to the weaponization of space, something that the liberal government of Canada is currently opposed to. The weaponization of space remains a key policy issue clearly has profound policy issues from the perspective of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth.

Finally, Hellyer declared that the "time has come to lift the veil of secrecy" and to have an "informed debate about a problem that doesn't officially exist." Understanding the evidence concerning the UFO phenomenon is vital to fully preparing citizens around the world for the truth concerning extraterrestrials, despite official denial and secrecy by those "in the loop". He calls for major global initiatives to fully prepare global citizenry for the truth. He endorses a position taken by key exopolitical researchers such as Alfred Webre to prepare for a "Decade of Contact" where humanity is prepared for the truth about extraterrestrial visitors through informed debate and education.

Paul Hellyer is the first senior politician to openly come out and declare the truth about the extraterrestrial presence. He is blazing a trail that many other senior politicians are destined to take. It will be wise if the world's senior politicians quickly learn more about this remarkable Canadian statesman and heed his important advise about data on extraterrestrial visitors and the "profoundly important policy questions that must be addressed."

© Michael E. Salla, PhD
Sept 29, 2005
[email protected]

and a couple more links that cover the same topic

Alberta UFO Study Group - Table of Contents
Mathaba News
as I was sitting in the Tower one evening I observed lights dancing around to the west of my location the nearest habitation to the west was about 100 miles away . I called the airfield radar and asked the guys if they painted anyone to the west and got a negative answer as I was working at a NORAD base I had access to a push to talk phone to the the regional norad controller and had them look to the spot I indicated ...still a negative answer now I know what an aircraft looks like and how it behaves but this was odd
whilst i agree there has to be some other form of life out there, i don't believe they'll come to us with little flashing lights and just hover there, it's more than likely they'll come in their thousands to destroy us in a quest for galactic domination, as we would properly destroy them one day anyway.........

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