ugly airplanes of ww2

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Jul 22, 2006
Lady Lake Fl USA
there was a blomm and voss,I think,plane that I saw and it had a fully glassed in canopy on one side and fuselage engine to the right.Does anyone have any info on this?
Does anyone else think the germans could have accomplished infinitely more if they'd stuck with more conventional designs? They had very much proven themselves with conventional designs. They had plans for a four jet engine bomber, that was the only change from an otherwise conventional layout. They are interesting and gave us lots of info on wierdness in flight, but were rarely useful...

edit- the Komet was useful to a point, that was a pretty different bird.
The Bv-141 was supposed to have very good flying qualities.

The Germans had other designs as well. I have a couple of interesting books and they contain many assymetric aircraft.

I actually think they are pretty neat. I think the Bv-141 was a wiered looking plane but not ugly.
there was the parasite plane with a bf series plane and a ju88 series plane mmmmm A-bomb transporter:) ?also a b-29 parasiting two mustang type aircraft.What was that about?
We've done this thread last year....

The XP-75 has got to be one of the if not the ugliest aircraft of WW2

Fairey?barracuda ? I hope I got the name right.torpedo patrol it had radar areials on the wingtips strange.

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