Update from the Studio ...

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Airman 1st Class
Hi guys,

Latest from the studio:

First off, I now have a good scanned image of "A
Moment's Peace" (version #2 study for "Twin-tailed
Dragons") up. Check it out if you like '38s.

Next, I've added two works to my "Upcoming" page, a
piece featuring Black Sheep Corsairs, and one with
91st BG B-17Gs. I'm working on sketches now in my
spare time, and hope to have "roughs" up on my site
soon. If you are at all interested in putting down a
deposit for one of these, I urge you to act quickly.

I'm also nearly finished with the 48" (final canvas)
version of "The Debden Kidd". It's turning out to be
a looker, but I'm not sold yet on whether or not to
publish it. Once I'm finished, I'll have an image up
to see if I can get enough firm orders to proceed with
robbing the local bank to pay the printer!

Finally, we are about to release a new DVD title, "The
Battle of Britain". Pre-orders and details here:


Just wanted to say that I think your artwork is very good.

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