US Navy Small Boat Section

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Oct 26, 2004
I was wondering whether anyone knew of any sites about the WW2 US Navy Small Boat Section especially as regards the Australian/Papua New Guinea service of this section of the Navy. This is an area I am interested in as my Mother's Father, Clarence Healy served in the small boat division. I have found three websites relating to this topic but want to find more on it.
Yes, those are the ones. Mum and I are interested in more information about the types of boats they sailed, etc. Any help you can shed on this topic would be appreciated. So far I have found... Ships and Men of the Army Transport Service (ATS) by Charles Dana Gibson with some mention of them, Bulimba - Apollo Barge Assembly Depot, USASOS, Bulimba, Brisbane, Queensland during WW2 in Brisbane about their ship building yards, Forgotten Fleet - Review on the forgotten fleet- the Army Transport Division, Navy Weapons Used in WW2 on Small Ships about the US weapons used on small ships in WW2. These are the sources I know about so far... I was wondering whether anyone knew of any others I could add to this list? Thank-you in advance. Healz.
I have had a look interesting but not really the same thing I was looking for. I will see about e-mailing that site for their list of sources. Thanks Wildcat. Healz.
I think I got u covered Healz..... There is a book out that may be what ur looking for....

Forgotten Fleet: a history of the part played by Australian men and ships in the U.S. Army Small Ships Section in New Guinea, 1942-1945; Bill Lunney; Forfleet Publishing, 7 Wade Close, Medowie NSW 2318, Tel. 049 828437; ISBN 0 646 26048 0.

Heres a website of an overview of it...

Forgotten Fleet - Review
Yes, I was going to look into acquiring that book/reading it. Healz.

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