Usaaf Luftwaffe desktop Icons. Let's brighten up your folders.

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Mar 26, 2007
Made these icons. Original jpg come from wiki. Total 401 badges, rar size is 531mb.

Looks like this 334th_Fighter Squadron icoon used on my computer:


Download icons, unpack in a new folder. Unpack.

Step 1: Right-click the folder and select Properties in the context menu. Step 2: Choose Customize and click Change Icon in the Properties window. Step 3: You can replace the folder icon with a basic/personalized one. Then click OK to save the change.


  • icoon.rar
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Very cool. I couldn't find them at first. For those like me who struggle a bit.... I had to click the "Browse" button...

1588429006929.png on "Desktop" and look for the folder I stored the icons in. Note how I craftily called the folder "Folder Icons"


Taaaa daaaah!!!


Luftwaffe ones would be cool

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