USSR Vs Japan

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Apr 18, 2007
Is there any documentation on Russian fighters/ Pilots fighting against Japonese fighters and pilots?
Don't know. But look at all these replica's! They still look scary.
I think I have some info around here some where, I thought I had some pictures of japanese aircraft in russian markings. I will look around and see what I can find unless some one beats me to it.
Well a really quick search and I turned up this picture. Wife is hungry so we are going out tonight. After I get back will see what else I have.

Picture is of russian troops capturing Tachikawa Ki-36 at Mukden airfield in August 1945


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Short search found this. Although not flown by Russian pilots, it was a Russian plane vs Japanese plane.

NZFPM |Polikarpov I-16 Ishak (Rata)

...In 1937 more than 250 I-16's were supplied to China. These aircraft fought over China until 1943, finding the Mitsubishi A5M of the Imperial Japanese Navy a roughly equal opponent (all other Japanese types were easy opponents). In 1940, however, the Mitsubishi Zero-sen proved better in virtually all respects.

Further large scale action took place in fighting between the Soviet Union and Japan in 1939. The I-16 had pretty much held its own up until this point, and also coped reasonably well in the Winter War against Finland....
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As best as I can decipher out of a magazine I have thats in russian the following aircraft types where captured at Mukden Airfield, Manchuria by the Russians in August 1945 and some of them transfered to the Chinese airforce in October.

Ki-84 of the 104th Sentai

Another picture this one of a A5M Claude in russian colors.


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There were several encounters between Japanese army and navy air forces against Soviet VVS and volunteers squadrons over Nomonhan (Khalkin Gol) and China. Air battles involving I-152s, I-153s, I-16s, SB-2s, DiSh-3s, DB-3s versus A5M2/4s, G3Ms, Ki-10s, Ki-27s, Ki-30s, Ki-32s. I have a book on the subject in Russian, unfortunately difficult to translate for the moment. I suggest then that you take a look on George Mellinger's extensive research on that area available at these links here:

Soviet Fighters in the Sky of China.
China Skys Part II
China Skys Part III
Soviet Fighters in the Sky of China IV
Soviet Fighters in the Sky of China Part 5
Soviet Fighters in th eSky of China VI

Over Manchuria and Korea in 1945 during operation August Storm, Soviet pilots acheived 4 or 5-0 count against Japanese opposition.

One P-63 pilot (Jr. Lt. Miroshnichenko) is said to have shot down a Ki-27 Nate or Ki-43 Oscar over Mongolia.

While Soviet naval pilots scored a total of 4 aerial victories, details of three being available.

On August 10, 1945 Junior Lieutenant Korshunov of the 50 OMRAP (Ind. Naval Reconnaissance Air Regt.), flying a Yak-9 encountered and shot down a Kawanishi H6K Mavis over Rasin (later Najin) in the Northeastern-most corner of Korea.

On August 15, 1945, at 13:30 hours, 29 Pe-2 dive bombers of the 55 BAP bombed the railroad station at Ranan (later Nanam). A Pair of J2M Raiden fighters tried to intervene and an escorting Yak-9 of the 19 IAP shot down one of them, the other escaping.

At 17:18 hours that same day, 34 Pe-2s of the 33 BAP, again escorted by the Yak-9s of the 19 IAP, attacked the station at Funei (late Nuren). Again there was token opposition, and once again a J2M was shot down; this time the pilot was identified as a Lieutenant Grib.

There is also mention of a Japanese Kamikaze air attack that sunk Soviet Minesweeping cutter (mottor boat) KT-152 on 18th or 19th August 1945 in the Shimushu area during the operations over Kuriles.


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