Veterans Day 2015

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Feb 17, 2010
Lakeview, AR
Today Nov 11th is Veterans Day in the USA. To all Veterans in all countries I salute you and honor your sacrifice. However my particular slice of Gehenna was Vietnam so:
To the Vietnam Veteran
To those who returned home with no one to greet them
To those who have been told that PTSD would go away in time.
To those who have never been told thank you or welcomed home.
To those who have returned physically but still are haunted by the nightmares of war.
To those who still react to a backfire and break a sweat at the sound of a chopper.
To those who have traveled endlessly never letting roots take hold or settled down.
To those who hear a familiar song that takes you back to a place you'd rather forget.
To those who can count the friends they have on one hand for fear of losing another.
To those who suffer from Agent Orange exposure and are still fighting the last battle.
To those who fought battles in the steaming jungles of Vietnam and also here at home.
To those who have more friends on the Vietnam Memorial Wall than they do in this life


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Mike, Thank you for what you have done. After my Induction physical I was declared 4F and so had no military time unlike my father who was career Air force.
Gentlemen my most sincere thanks but believe me I deserve nothing, I did nothing worthy of thanks. The ones who deserve everything are here. I see their names and faces I still hear their cries.
I see a tear roll down from his dark swollen eyes
And I know
I know that the Wall did Hurt
Hurt his soul
Hurt his heart
Brought on by a name, a solitary name


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Jim, my friend, you have no idea the depth of bitterness I keep to this day. Memorial Day is not the day to talk about politics but to honor the memory of our brave men and women who fought and died for their country. But were it not for those gutless, spineless politicians who interfered with the conduct of our Armed Forces during their battles, the number of slain American soldiers would be a whole lot less. There may be some argument on this but in my opinion, because of the way politicians meddled with the military, America has not won a war since we defeated Germany and Japan in WWII. The only exception was the brief invasion of Grenada in 1983.
The Politicians in Washington sent American troops to Vietnam and forced our soldiers to fight with one arm tied behind their backs. They were prevented from invading the enemy's territory and our political leaders even apologized for bombing the ships belonging to some of our so-called friends that were bringing supplies to North Vietnam in Hanoi. This war cost America 58,267 killed in action, 303,644 wounded in action, and 1,711 MIA's.
From Captain Jim Mulligan, former POW and author of The Hanoi Commitment: "Lord, save me from the politicians who have the nerve to engage me in war but who don't have the guts to let me win it."
The problem, said General Ira C. Eaker at the time, was that "in all our past wars we had professional military leaders and amateur soldiers. Vietnam is our first war where we have professional soldiers and amateur leaders." General Curtis LeMay, the first head of the Strategic Air Command, put it this way: "It is a war in which we are attempting to win without winning, trying to destroy without destroying. It is an Alice-in-Wonderland war."
Mike, we only have one life to live - one life to experience whatever it is. No do-overs. No second takes. You decided to take a portion of your precious life and give it to the service of this country so that those of us can continue to live. And I mean live in freedom. I can understand your opinion about who is a hero and who deserves this and that, but you deserve a thank you and my respect for giving up a fraction of your existence so that others can breathe. You do deserve it more than many others. Don't ever forget that, sir. You are worthy of that respect.

I thank you for your service.
Jim, dang it, where'd you get my pic???? Chris, Thank you sir from the bottom of my small, black, stone of a heart. I have been privileged to actually know true heroes. Men who truly deserve any and every honor....they're on the Wall
I saw her from a distance
As she walked up to the wall
In her hand she held some flowers
As her tears began to fall
And she took out pen and paper
As to trace her memories
And she looked up to heaven
And the words she said were these...

She said Lord my boy was special,
And he meant so much to me
And Oh I'd love to see him
Just one more time you see
All I have are the memories
And the moments to recall

She said he really missed the family
And being home on Christmas day
And he died for God and Country
In a place so far away

I remember just a little boy
Playing war since he was three
But Lord this time I know,
He's not coming home to me

So Lord could you tell him,
He's more than a name on a wall..

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