1. fubar57


    Happy B-Day, BB. Hope all is well and have a great day. Geo
  2. fubar57


    Happy Boxing Day my fellow colonials. Another "paid for while sitting at home" statutory holiday. Geo
  3. Aaron Brooks Wolters

    Seesul's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Seesul! Hope you have had a great day so far!:occasion5: :occasion6: :occasion7: :occasion9:
  4. Thorlifter

    The Man in the High Castle

    Any of you guys watching this? Pretty good so far and it's getting very high praise from critics. It's an alternate history if Germany won the war, which V-A day was 1952. The US is divided between the Japanese on the west coast and German occupation on the east. Time is early 1960's View...
  5. Aaron Brooks Wolters

    Did we forget NJ's birthday?!

    Holy cow......................we did!:banghead: Sorry Chris, hope you had a stupendous day sir!
  6. mikewint

    Veterans Day 2015

    Today Nov 11th is Veterans Day in the USA. To all Veterans in all countries I salute you and honor your sacrifice. However my particular slice of Gehenna was Vietnam so: To the Vietnam Veteran To those who returned home with no one to greet them To those who have been told that PTSD would...
  7. Lucky13

    It's the infamous Pop-Tart Whisperer's birthday....!

    Happy Birthday auld yin! I hope that you'll have a great day, you old b*stard you! :wink: :lol:
  8. horseUSA

    DNS propagation -- The thing that points to its ip address

    Well the DNS was changed but as DNS goes it hasn't propagated to all servers. I have ip forwarding on old server -- which routes your connection through that ip. This allows you access to new server, but there may be some issues with redirection. Give the DNS a day or two to work its self...
  9. bobbysocks

    Day of the Kamikaze on Netflix

    the 2004 documentary Day of the Kamikaze is available on Netflix. it's pretty good and has interviews of formerly trained kamikazes and family members. if offers a lot of insight into the "volunteer" outfit and the Japanese mind frame at that juncture of the war.
  10. G

    Mock Combat - CF-100 vs. NATO

    From Colonel E. G. 'Irish' Ireland, RCAF: Now the Clunk was never proclaimed to be a day fighter aircraft and its presence in NATO was only to fill the rather glaring gap in all-weather and night air defence capability. Working hours being, as they usually were, an 0800 to 1700 hours affair for...
  11. fubar57


    Happy B-Day mon frere. All the best Jim, have a great day Geo
  12. Marcel

    It's Adler's birthday

    He doesn't let it show up on the forum, the sneeky ba$tard, but he cannot deny it. Our mod, the one and only 'DerAdlerIstGelanded' has is birthday, and is another year older. Keep it up Chris and one day you'll be as old and wise as me :lol: GEFELICITEERD :occasion5:
  13. fubar57

    IT'S Bucksnort101 BIRTHDAY

    Happy B-Day Mr. Snort. Have a great day. Geo
  14. Torch

    Sad day at airshow
  15. GrauGeist

    It's Marcel's Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday, Marcel!! Man oh Man, you've hit the big four oh...welcome to the fossil club! :lol: Seriously though, I hope you have a great day and here's to many more! :occasion5:
  16. Wayne Little

    Thorlifter's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Roland, have a great day mate..:thumbright:
  17. Wayne Little

    A SPECIAL Thanks to Shinpachi

    Guys, I would like to post this Very Special THANKYOU to Shinpachi from my wife Lynn and I, we spent 3 and a bit days in Osaka and he made himself available every day to show us various places in Osaka along with a day trip thrown in to Kyoto. Each morning he promptly arrived at our hotel and...
  18. fubar57


    As I type, Canadian golfer David Hearn is tied for the lead in the RBC Canadian Open with Australian Jason Day. The last time a Canadian won was in 1954. Geo
  19. davebender

    Vicinity of Cassino, Italy. Mid March 1944.

    Information from "The Day of Battle" by Rick Atkinson. "Two companies of Rajputana Rifles reached Castle Hill" "After the second day, resupply came only by air, in belly tanks dropped by A-36s from fifty feet, or by parachute." 500 A-36s built yet popular history books seldom mention A-36...
  20. fubar57


    I'll be at work tomorrow and with the internet being sketchy at the best of times in camp, I'd like to wish all the Canucks on the forum, those who visit, and those who feel like being one for just a day, a happy Canada Day. Woot, woot woot!!! Geo