1. bobbysocks

    Flying Tigers: Shadows over China

    i just ran into this PC game that is coming out the other looks promising. Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China
  2. Vic Balshaw

    It's Bills Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY old Bill, hope you have a great day and that the move goes well tomorrow.
  3. Wurger

    F-104nut's BD

    It's the F-104nut's Birthday !!! We wish you all the best Brian. Have a great day Mate !!! :occasion5: :occasion6: :occasion7: 100 lat , 100 lat , 100 lat !!!
  4. johnbr

    North American B-25 Mitchell bad day

    :( yes it is a A-20
  5. N

    RAF Northolt, 13th June Family Day

    Apologies if this has already been posted. On Saturday 13th of June, RAF Northolt is having a families day which is obviously a restricted event. However, a little bird has told me that they are planning to have a flypast of Spitfires and Hurricanes 50 a/c I've been assured. One reason for...
  6. Trebor

    (Father's day gift) Revell-Monogram 1/24 NASCAR #3 Goodwrench Monte Carlo

    hey guys! I'm not dead!! I've just been posting my modeling progress on facebook, and I fogot you guys. forgive meeeee! ;_; My father is a biiiig racing nut. He loves NASCAR, and is part of the pit crew in El Paso, TX of a Dirt Late model pictured here: soooooo a couple years ago for...
  7. fubar57


    Happy B-day John and all the best. Have a great day. Geo
  8. J

    Culver PQ-14

    Does anyone have...or know the whereabouts of....a pilot manual for a PQ-14? I would dearly love to have a copy of one. I'm still hoping to own one of the little darlings one day.
  9. Donivanp

    **** DONE: 1/48 F-111A - The Jet Age.

    1/48 General Dynamics F-111A - The Jet Age. Username: Donivanp First name: Don Category: Intermediate Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: Hobby Boss Model Type:HS Un officially until the day it was retired, Aardvark Aftermarket addons: none
  10. wheelsup_cavu

    Planes of Fame - Flying History events 2015

    It's airshow time again. 8) On Friday there will be a "Preview Day Twilight Show" where you can see several of the acts featured on Saturday and Sunday do their practice routines. May 01, Preview Day Twilight Show: PLANES OF FAME - Preview Day Twilight Show Also during Friday's...
  11. nuuumannn

    ANZAC Day

    Today is Anzac Day, Australia and New Zealand's remembrance day. 100 years ago the assault on the Gallipoli Peninsula began and the impact this and the subsequent fighting had on the populations of these two countries was immeasurable. Gallipoli centenary: Australia and New Zealand mark Anzac...
  12. fubar57


    If you're bored here's a site that allows you to customize your ride...3DTuning You can click on a car part or use the drop-box(?) on the left. My Skoda Felicia... day! Geo
  13. Geedee

    Its Airframes Birthday

  14. fubar57


    Happy Birthday Charles and many many more. I hope you enjoy your day. Geo
  15. Wurger

    Gnomey's Birthday !!!

    Have a great day Hugh. 100 lat ! 100 lat ! 100 lat ! :occasion5:
  16. bobbysocks

    the day the music died...

    56 years ago today Feb 3. 1959 a small plane crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa. killed in the crash were 3 popular musicians, Buddy Holly, J.P. Richardson ( known as the Big Bopper ), and Richie Valens. Waylon Jennings who was Holly's bass player gave up his seat to The Bopper. The death of these...
  17. javlin

    **** FINISHED: 1/72 BR20/M "Cicogna" - Mediterranean Theater of Operations

    User Name : Javlin Name : Kevin Category : Intermediate Kit : Italeri BR20?M "Cicongna" Scale : 1/72 Accessories : OOB Finally had a sunny day and I was off.And finally you can see the car door handle of the pit ;)
  18. GrauGeist

    It's Catch22's Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday, Cory!! I hope you have a great day!! (and you have all weekend to recover!) :occasion5:
  19. D

    Another busy day at the Eurofighter Typhoon factory

  20. fubar57


    Happy B-Day Bikerbabe, wherever you may be. Have a great day. Geo