Volume Just Tanked!-Help

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Mar 29, 2006
Phila, Pa
Have Il2-FB-PF ect, The whole shooting match. Had no problems with it whatsoever. Until this morning when I tried to play it and there is no sound whatsoever in the game. No music, no effects, nada. Just totally tanked.

Sound on other games an throughout the computer has not changed, works well. Only in the IL2 game. Don't want to go through the hassle of a re-install (a lot of discs) but have no idea why the should just stopped.

Checked the settings for the sound and everything looks fine.

Any ideas from anybody? Need my weekend fix of flaming aircraft.
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Les, tried the reboot and the restart. No go. Went down the same line of reason. Annoying when all the standard tricks don't work.

Cryano, every time?! That would be a world class pain in the ass.

I am thinking, but not anywhere sure, that I might be running out of virtual memory. Might have too many apps running at the same time or might have a worm hard at it somewhere. Will try a defrag and see what pops.

Thanks for the advice guys. At least I know I'm not the only one with this problem.
Ok, try re-installing the drivers and see what pops. Thanks for the lead.

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