Waist Gunner S/Sgt Gerald Hoefert, 95th Bomb Group

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GT thanks for the excellent materials on some brave crews. In reference to your first segment the 6 October 44 raid was a hell raiser to be sure with numerous rear attacks for Gruppen of the Sturm unit Fw 190A's.

Also with the Münster raid in Oct. of 43. II./ZG 26 was the only to be equipped with the Me 410 while the other gruppen and ZG 76 as a whole had the Bf 110G-2. although there has been many stories of Do 217's and Ju 88's equipped with rockets it is all fantasy. have interviewed several B-17 chaps that flew the late 1943 missions and quizzed the German tactics and sure enough it was from 410/110's. He 111's were also reproted to have fired rockets on a December 43 raid near Bremen but it is all false. In the heat of battle firing at anything with a German cross, becomes almost a moot point.

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