Warbirds Over the Rockies (R/C) pics ...

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Hi guys,

I flew into Denver last weekend to see the annual Warbirds Over the Rockies R/C show at Chatfield State Part in Littleton (south Denver area). Wow - I was most impressed. Not only were the models simply stunning examples of the craft, but the pilots were obviously very experienced, and flew these beauties very "scale" like.

I would like to mention that I was quite blown over by the welcoming reception I got. I was but one 'sponsor' (donated some prints for their auction), but I was treated as an old friend by the event organizers, getting full access to the facilities and airfield. As you'll see by these pictures, I took full advantage of my VIP pass. I shot over 900 images, and over 8 or 9 posts in this thread, I hope to show my favorites.

For the shutterbugs among us, I used a Canon EOS 20D with a 17-85mm IS (IS *off*) lens. For the flying shots, I set the AF point to center spot only. Aperture Priority (usually 1/800-1000 sec) was set. ISO at 200. Drive was set to Burst. For the ground shots, the camera's AutoProgram was used.

Let's get started (in no particular order):













Great shots! - I live about 15 min. from there. Once and awhile I fly over that site, I think it makes those guys nervous...

Neat stuff!
is it your flying that causes the nervousness or your proximity
Yes, it's true that at *this* level (R/C "Warbirds"), the main difference between these guys and their scale (plastic) model conterparts is that these fly ... if you're a scale modeler, imagine putting hundreds or even thousands of hours (and dollars!!) into your masterpiece, then taking it out for a spin (yikes!!). These models, I can assure you, are not slapped together - many are scratchbuilt from a "pile of sticks", as they say; that is, from a set of plans only.

Gosh, it looks like a load of fun, but man, I'd fly the heck out of a trainer for years before I'd feel comfortable taking something like that simply beautiful (you can tell by my pics that I loved it) 5-cylinder radial FW-190 (the Sea Fury had the same engine ... you should have heard those things at idle ... just like the real thing!) out for a flight.

It's one of the few activities I can think of that's as much fun to watch as actually participate in.

More pics as I get to them.

some very impressive stuff, i've seen a large scale B-52 and F-16 flying round, both jet powered and boy the F-16 could really give it some, how many planes were there? and does something look a little odd about that P-47D to anyone else? there's something that doesn't look quite right but i can't think what :-k .........

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