Well, it's out officially...

Will you buy it?

  • No!

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  • Maybe!

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  • My computer is too crap for flight sims, and I wouldn't If I could handle it!

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  • Wouldn't even if I had a PC that could handle it!

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Tech Sergeant
Dec 26, 2003
Ubisoft's Pacific Fighters has now been released!

Check it out...

Unfortunately, this is only in some areas, and from what I hear, US release is November 9th...

Oh well, at least it's near Christmas; less of a wait, I guess...
I'd like to see a demo and see what planes are in there. If it is varied, it could really be fun to compare say, the Hellcat and the Corsair. Or the Wildcat and the Zero.

Does anyone know if it has head to head or multi-player?
It has all those you've listd, and MANY more.

It also includes all of AEP's aircraft, so there are somtehing like 170 flyables, including Russian and German aircraft!
I WILL get that, I have plenty of money from my birthday. I have so many things I wanna buy :lol:

FS2004 (PC)
Pacific Fighters (PC)
Manhunt (PS2)

Well ok, only 3 things :lol: about £100 worth though ;)
Ive never played, but when my friend said you can suffocate people with plastic bags and that its been banned in several countries it kinda persuaded me :lol: Its the only one left on that list I need now, I got FS2004 about an hour ago :D Anyone know some sites where i can get planes for it?
dude you left out "would get it if my computer could handle it" from your poll, which is the one i'd go for, and in efect you have the same option 3 times....................
Lanc, CFS3 is crap (dynamics suck), and PF has all the aircraft from PF, AEP, FB, AND IL-2...

Four games in one, basically...

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