What are you doing today?

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My wife is dealing with that right now. She's going in for an MRI tomorrow to see what's what.
In the meantime she's camped out on the living room couch because she can't get up the stairs to the bedroom.

Sounds like me. Got home from the doctor an hour ago. Next up orthopedics.

Working from my couch, leg propped up…
Bacon whenever I choose.
I just finished covering a balsa ribbed wing with silkspan (yes, retro 1950s) and was pleasantly surprised at the dry time--21per cent humidity today - very rare in S. Louisiana.
Wife just got back from doc. MRI showed cracked tibia, torn meniscus, level IV cartilage damage.
That knee is royally F'ed.
Good thing I bought her some crutches.

Ouch. I hope she recovers well. My injury is 100% not that bad.

I'm actually hoping its just a bad sprain, and won't require surgery. Doctor called me today and she said the bone x-ray was negative for bone damage. Its all the MCL. I'm to take the meds, elevate it, ice it, and use crutches because of how unstable the knee is (if its not a full tear, one bad buckling or knee give out could cause a full tear), until I get into the orthopedic specialist for an MRI.

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