What is this? (Luftwaffe im Focus 31)

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Why edit out the website details of a very good publication? Yet it's OK to copy and upload the page of the publication??

If more people here bought and read it, and other more serious Luftwaffe books, then there would be far fewer daft uniformed remarks
Not sure if you caught this or not, but the authors of that publication made it clear that they do NOT know what those devices are.

Also note that the OP included the cover of the book and relevant photos of/from the page(s) in order to assist the authors in identifying the mystery devices.

So what seems to be the problem?

من که آلمانی بلد نیستم! یه نفرم میشناسم، اونم بلد نیست!!!
That's what I'm wondering.
Most of the wire-guided weapons the Germans used or were developing, used two control wires.
There are four of these per wing, so it might be that they planned on carrying two of each whatevers on either side.

If these were purely development, then its possible the "missile" was nothing more than a stick with control surfaces.

But as you say, a recce group? That does cast doubt on it. But they really do look like bobbins.
How about counter balance weights when flying with 1 big droptank on the other wing for the ease of flying straight? It is a recce unit.
That would not explain the shaping nor layout. One large weight would do just as well and would be simpler and have less drag. And we still have those openings on the front to explain.

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