What job will P38_Pilot have in the Army in 10 years.

What is P-38_Pilots Army job.

  • Army Seamstress

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  • Commanders Coffee Maker

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  • Toilet Bowl Licker

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  • Helicopter Pilot (have to put a couple of real ones in)

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  • Infantry (look above for explanation)

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  • Punching Bag for the Infantry to train on.

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  • Potato peeler.

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  • Some gay guys boyfriend. (I know dont ask dont tell)

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  • Will not make it out of Basic Training.

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  • None of the Above Please Enter Below

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Private Chemtrail Disperser
Nov 8, 2004
Okay everyone what kind of job will P-38_Pilot have when he gets into the Army. Really tell us what you think. This could be funny. You all know how much he wants to join, but what will he really be doing in the Army.
I said infantry.... But to be honest, just about 100% of the modern day individuals that want to join the Army at 13, never ever join the Army....

I think that with time, he will realize that his whole childhood was wasted, thinking about leading men and killing terrorists...

And besides the point, I think he'd but outta OCS so fast, u'd feel the breeze go right by ur head......

But who really knows... He has many years to forge ahead, get laid, graduate, and become smarter to too two....
I voted infantry too. I could be way off the mark, and he could in fact give it his all and go straight into officer school, but so many guys with a burning desire to go into the Army usually just go straight in as infantrymen because they can't wait. An awful lot of them quickly discover that it's not all it was cracked up to be at that point.
Air Defence isn't Air Force, it's Army. They have the same sort of thing in the Canadian Army. It's called air defence artillery, even though they use missiles as well as AAA.
OOOPs I read his post wrong. I thought he said airforce not air defense, but yeah it is the same in our military, the Army has all the Air Defense Artillery units.
Whoa! A whole thread dedicated to me! You guys shouldnt have!

Infantry, hmm, that sounds like something i would do but where is the option of Air Cavalry or National Guard?

Well keep this thread alive because i want to know your opinions!

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